TSF Ltd. Strakonice firm was established in 1992 because of Great Privatization in Czechoslovakia.
 This firm has continued in a paper-making machine clothes production from the FEZKO Company
 and continued in the above mentioned production which has more than hundred years old tradition.
 Nowadays our firm produces classical wool and samforizate felts, drying and fabric wires, clothes
 for belt pressing machines, draining and filtrating clothes and wires, theese are very sophisticated
 products, both from the aspect of their production, utilization and application in the pulp and paper industry.

 Besides pulp and paper industry our products are used also in many other industrie:

  • like wood-working,
  • food-making,
  • tanner and rubber industries,
  • in production of building and insulating materials,
  • water and other fluids treatment.

  The wires and fabrics are one of the most important parts on which the result of their work
  and the performance of the whole paper machine depends considerable. The above mentioned products
  themselves have a whole range of functions of which the most important are forming, dewatering,
  transportation and driving.
Those products are very fine and delicate operating under very unfavourable
  aggressive conditions and under considerable tension stress and wear.